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Seacow  Head Lighthouse   is  one  of   the  oldest  structures  on  PEI. 


The  octagonal,   heavy-framed lighthouse stands 18.3 metres high and measures 3.4 metres per side at the base.  The cedar sided, wood structure is capped with a metal light housing which contains the lamp.


The name "Seacow Head" was given in reference to the walrus, formerly abundant in nearby waters.


Seacow Lighthouse was automated on November 12, 1959, and the Keeper's dwelling was sold on March 7, 1960 and removed from the site. The lighthouse tower was moved back from an eroding bank in 1979.


Seacow Head Lighthouse is one of the most picturesque beacons in Canada and has appeared in the opening scene of Sullivan Productions Anne  of  Green Gables, many  of  the  episodes  of  Road  to Avonlea,  which were adapted from books by Lucy Maude Montgomery.  Two mock-ups of the Seacow Head Lighthouse, one of which was cut short for scenes that took place at the top of the lighthouse, were constructed near Uxbridge, Ontario, for use in the production.


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Our soul purpose is to maintain and care for the lighthouse structure, surrounding property

and the historic legacy for our neighbors, island visitors and their generations to come. 




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